Domestic Care and Cleaning

Domestic Care and Cleaning Services

Nurse4U provides Domestic Care and cleaning services for aged and NDIS participants to help them lead an independent life so that they need not rely on any family member of acquaintances. Our team of experienced professional would not only support such activities but also provide companionship, which most aged people miss.

Popular Domestic Care Cleaning services that you can experience through our professionals include:

  • Home cleaning, includes vacuuming, mopping and dusting
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Ironing, doing laundry, folding of clothes
  • Making of beds
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Assistance in organising the house

We are one of the leading registered NDIS service providers, to assist you if you have any form of a mental or physical disability that restricts your movement and does not allow you to complete your daily activities.

DIY vs hiring Nurse4U services

You might love to do your Domestic Care Cleaning in Melbourne by yourself. It will allow you to be self-reliant. Due to physical or mental condition, you may not be able to continue with your self-reliance. Ignoring such activities would lead to dirty and unhygienic living conditions that could make you sick and spread negativity around.

Hiring professional agencies like Nurse4U for Domestic Care and cleaning could provide you with a set of benefits, which could be in the form of

  • Clean house and surroundings
  • Neat and well-maintained laundry
  • Well-prepared home-cooked food
  • Regular filling of grocery and staples
  • Clean dishes and neat floors
  • Active social life and many more.

This form of benefits would help you to stay healthy and active, which would help in reducing your reliance on others for any sort of help with for Domestic Care and cleaning. Our friendly members could be just a call away, allowing you to rely on us, for every support you need. The friend-nature of staff members is something that could make you comfortable and emotionally connect with them, to enjoy their company for long.

Nurse4U is the most popular NDIS gardening and nursing agency, mainly because of their exceptional services. Every member of our staff would take every step to make you feel comfortable and keep you safe. Though we work with coordination with NDIS, if you need any additional help, our member would go out of their way to help you.

Why Nurse4U among Others?

We, Nurse4U is a hundred per cent Australian company that offers exceptional Domestic Care Cleaning services for its clients, irrespective of age or their mental and physical condition. We believe that our every form of service for you is a step towards providing a quality life for everyone, especially the aged and disabled, in their choice of environment.

Our specialised professional services are not limited to one field. We have enrolled nurses, personal care assistants and disability support workers specially trained to meet your ongoing needs. Our personalised services help us to stand out among our competitors, forcing us to perform better and enhance our services.

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