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Respite Care in Melbourne

Your loved ones played their pivotal role; let us help fulfil the rest of their responsibilities.

We are committed to providing safe and efficient respite care in Melbourne. Our passionate team are here to give you as much or as little support as you need, any day or every day.

We provide you with one-on-one flexible in-home respite care so your primary caregiver can take care of other commitments, spend more quality time with you or take a much-needed break for themselves. Whether for a few hours, a few days, occasionally or long-term, access to our respite care services is flexible to meet your requirements.

The Respite services in Melbourne include:

Contact our friendly team to answer any questions you may have about accessing our Respite Services Melbourne

The Different Types of Respite Services Melbourne

Respite care services can vary depending on your specific needs and the availability of resources in a particular area. Here are some common types of respite care available:

In-Home Respite

In-home respite care means that older Australians can stay in their own home while their primary caregiver is away. Our expert team of caregivers will come to the person’s residence to provide care and support, allowing the primary caregiver to take time off. This can include assistance with daily activities, companionship, and supervision.

Out of the Home Respite

There are three out of the home type of respite care available:

1.      Centre-Based Respite

Centre-Based Respite is usually held in clubs, day centres or residential facilities. This type of respite care is available during the day and allows you to spend time with others in a social setting.  Centre-Based Respite usually run for approximately six hours and transport is generally provided to and from the venues. Participants engage in activities, socialise with others, and receive any necessary care while their primary caregivers can attend to other responsibilities or take a break.

2.      Cottage Respite

Cottage respite offers overnight or weekend care in aged care accommodation or community settings other than the caregiver’s or host family’s home. You can stay away for two to three days at a time. During the cottage respite, trained staff or caregivers take over the daily care and support tasks for the person in need, ensuring their safety, well-being, and engagement in appropriate activities. This service can be of great value to primary caregivers, as it allows them to have time for themselves, reduce stress, prevent burnout, and maintain their own health and well-being.

3.      Residential Respite

Residential respite typically occurs within a larger care facility, such as an assisted living facility, nursing home, or residential care home. The individual receiving respite care stays in a designated room or accommodation unit within the facility. With residential respite you receive the same care and support services as permanent residents in the aged care home.

It’s most suitable for those who require support with most tasks from a caregiver. You can stay in a residential respite care facility for a few days up to a few weeks at a time.

Emergency Respite

Emergency respite care can be a valuable support in times of unexpected unavailability of your regular caregiver. There are various situations in which emergency respite care might be required, such as:

  • The passing away of your primary caregiver.
  • A serious illness that affects your primary caregiver’s ability to provide care.
  • Urgent circumstances that make it challenging for your caregiver to continue caring for you.


Q: How Do I Apply for Respite Care?

A: To check your eligibility for Respite Services Melbourne simply go to the My Aged Care website to complete a form and answer a few quick questions.

Q: How Long Can Respite Care Services be provided?

A: Short-term respite care typically lasts a few days to a few weeks, providing temporary relief to the primary caregiver. Planned respite care is scheduled in advance and can be provided for a more extended period, ranging from a few weeks to several months.

Emergency respite care is designed for immediate and urgent situations when the regular caregiver is unexpectedly unavailable. It can be provided for a shorter duration until alternative arrangements can be made.

Q: Can respite care be arranged on short notice or in emergencies?

A: Yes, Respite Services Melbourne can often be arranged on short notice or in emergencies, depending on availability.

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