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Nurse4U is one of the leading NDIS Service Providers in Melbourne, helping people cope up with health issues, in the best possible way. You could avail the services of these NDIS support workers in Melbourne, for a temporary period or on a long-term basis. If you are an NDIS participant, then you must be aware that all these services are covered under this scheme; you need not pay a single penny from your pocket.

Which Services Do Registered NDIS Service Providers Offer?

You must be aware that only a small number of nursing services qualify for NDIS funding. The experienced professionals of the registered NDIS service providers offer support in various forms such as

  • Training by a nurse to enable you or some else to undertake support like medication or wound care
  • Assessment of qualified nurse on what services and level of support you or your loved one would need

The NDIS support worker could provide a form of nursing and its allied service, when they are trained by a qualified nurse or allied health professional to work within their scope as a disability support worker in Melbourne. The services should be related to your disability and contribute to your long-term wellbeing. The services that do not come under NDIS funding include:

  • Not directly related to your disability
  • Not required to be delivered by a nurse
  • Not considered as capacity-building
  • Funded by the state health care system or other alternate programs

What Type Of Supports Do Registered NDIS Service Providers Proffer?

We, at Nurse4U, proffer a set of services, to make you or loved one feel better and put them in the path of recovery. The most common ones include:

  • Help with personal care activities
  • Transport to help you participate in the community, social, economic and daily life activities
  • Help at work, to help you get or keep a job
  • Therapeutic supports like occupational therapy, speech therapy and behaviour support
  • Train you with aids or equipment that would help you do things independently
  • Use of mobility equipment to help you get about more easily

The experience of the professionals makes sure that you or your loved one experiences good care as most of them are trained in disabled and aged care cleaning services.

Other forms of care provided by these Registered NDIS Service Providers include:

  • Visiting nurses
  • Medication-setup
  • Medication administration
  • Tube-feeding assistance
  • Palliative support
  • Continence advice
  • Diabetes management
  • Dementia management
  • Wound care
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood sugar levels
  • Educate patients and their family members

When Could You Be Eligible For Services of an NDIS Support Worker?

If you are a person with a disability and wish to participate in the NDIS, then you will be assessed. You could enjoy the services of NDIS support worker if

  • You have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent
  • Your impairment substantially reduces your ability to participate actively in activities and perform the task only with the help from others
  • You can’t participate effectively even with assistive technology, aids and equipment
  • Your impairment affects your capacity for social and economic participation

Enquiring About Nurse4U – one of the leading NDIS service providers in Melbourne

Our team at Nurse4U- one of the leading NDIS service providers in Melbourne can handle all your queries and help you with the best possible solution. You can call us on 03 8714 5816 or submit an online enquiry. You can send an email at info@Nurse4u.com.au.

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